SCOD and DAAP Launches DeMolay VISA Card

The Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay (SCOD) and DeMolay Alumni Association of the Philippines (DAAP), in collaboration with Union Bank of the Philippines, launched the DeMolay VISA Card, during the Masonic Annual Communications held in Iloilo City last April 25. 2013.
Under the DeMolay VISA Card, UBP shall give SCOD and DAAP a certain rebate for every paid purchases using the DeMolay VISA Credit Card. 
In the case of DAAP, it has established a Trust Fund account with its depository bank, wherein the proceeds from its share of the DeMolay VISA Card shall be deposited. The DAAP Trust Fund aims to provide a perpetual source of funds, utilizing only a portion of its annual interest earnings, for the operations and activities of the DAAP.
Application forms for the DeMolay VISA Card are available from the offices of the SCOD and DAAP or you may send an email to:, attention: The Director for Administration, Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay; or, attention: The National President, DAAP. 
Applicants for the DeMolay VISA Card shall be subject to the standard guidelines in the processing and approval of credit card applications of UBP. 
Please support the DeMolay VISA Card project, which is for the benefit of the Order of DeMolay and DAAP.

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1975: The 55th Annual Session of the International Supreme Council (ISC) – Initial discussions with Bro. George A. Newbury, Chairman, International Relations Committee, ISC and Bro. Macario R.


Grand Master, Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay
Republic of the Philippines

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